1950 dating guide

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In around 1936 a "de luxe" movement was introduced in a rather similar housing. Electric strike and chime clocks introduced circa 1935 used other types of synchronous motor as also did the Smiths mystery clock, and the Synfinity. From 1937 the trademark "Sectric" appears on their synchronous models.See the file " movements " for more information # 6.A motor called the QAT was developed in 1953 and used in some models.See the file " movements " for more information # 7 The next motor was the QEMG introduced in 1957.This had a moving magnet movement (like continental clocks).

Speaking of e Bay, if selling, do please include a picture of the back as well as the front of your clock.

To the best of my knwledge it first appeared in the Smiths catalogues and advertising in 1950 # 2.

If the clock has a floating balance movement it dates to 1956 or later.

until circa 1949 when the Enfield production was moved to Wales...

so that although Smiths may well have used Enfield movements from as early as 1932 (when the Enfield company commenced business), they did not use the "Smiths Enfield" name until 1949.

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