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“It doesn’t run off of any power source other than my body,” she says. “Cloth weaving is a dying craft because no one wants to sit at a loom with a shuttle all day — except me.” Gatti will be adding artisans to the 21POP roster until the last minute; for instance, he is still on the lookout for an independent maker of baseballs — an object that many may not realize is made with cotton. currency, says Gatti, who jokingly adds: “I am hoping (attendees) bring a lot of it with them.” FOG Design Art Fair: Thursday, Jan. Michael and Lindsay Tusk of Cotogna and Quince will operate a sit-down restaurant, while the Jane Coffee Lounge will provide a more casual food and beverage option.And if last year’s inaugural affair is any indication, one of the highlights of FOG will be 21POP, a themed pop-up shop curated by Stanlee Gatti.She plucks the plant from the garden behind her shop-studio.

With the latter market, she says, “the cotton can be made into such beautiful things by talented people.” Kristine Vejar of A Verb for Keeping Warm, an Oakland shop and studio, is among the artisans who source yarn from Fox.

Located within Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Avenue L/G stop in 2013, the temporary space hosted events and art exhibitions in which the artists, acting as guest clerks, were given carte blanche to transform the space.

In November 2015, The Newsstand will be re-created and built to scale at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, including the zines and books sold in its original location.

With comprehensive bibliographies of more than 120 titles, Queer Zines 2 offers a visually arresting, intellectually provocative, and unashamedly sexy take on the rich output of contemporary queer zinemakers.

Including both an expanded focus on overlooked 'historical' publications dating from the early 70s onward, as well as extensive entries charting a new generation of queer zinesters, this second volume offers a broad survey of the vibrant and evolving medium.

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