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New: Inflation-adjusted postage rates, in 2008 dollars.You could make your own chart by using the On-line Inflation Calculator.Forced Price Reduction to Worsen USPS Financial Condition by Billion Per Year.Absent Congressional or court action to extend or make permanent an existing exigent surcharge for mailing products and services — including the Forever stamp — the Postal Service will be required to reduce certain prices on Sunday, April 10, 2016.Updated 4/5/2011: A reader by the name of Steve Elwood noted that I had the wrong postcard rate on the last line of the table.It should be (and now it is) 29 cents, not 30 cents, according to this table.

Added 9/5/2015: The current postage rates are listed on the USPS web site. Beginning Sunday [4/10/2016], the price of a first-class stamp drops two cents, to 47 cents.The biggest news is that First-class mail will go down by two cents.The postage rate reductions affect letters, large envelopes or flats, and postcards.Updated 5/29/2010: A reader by the name of Rob Haeseler sent in a correction: The second line of the chart above was in error, and instead of March 3, 1883, the effective date for the two-cent rate was October 1, 1883.Hearing no objections, the table has been modified accordingly.

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