Activities for dating in china

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After three rounds of interaction, if there are girls keeping the light on for the candidate, and if he likes one of them, he succeeds in the match.

More importantly, the essence of feminism lures when women start to pursue their independence in economics and politics without relying on men.

All these facts seem to indicate that Chinese society entering an era of feminism. In fact, “true love” for most of the girls on stage is strongly correlated with numbers.

A potential suitor may have a good sense of humor and reasonably good looks, but a sizable bank account is a prerequisite.

Faced with completely unfamiliar male candidates, knowing their performance will be shown on TV to millions of people, the ladies on the stage of If You Are the One are never afraid of speaking their opinions on life and marriage and passing judgment on the male candidates, sometimes even with very sharp words.

It seems that women are in charge of the game—they decide a man’s fate on the stage.

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