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However Paper Mulberry trees do have very large, sand papery mitten leaves with teeth.Paper Mulberry leaves, however, are two to three times larger than sassafras leaves.Locally — Central Florida — I know of one patch of them. That said when I take a month off in the summer to go hiking in the North Carolina mountains sassafras is everywhere, nearly a weed.If you tear or crush sassafras leaves, they smell like root beer. Brew three strong cups and follow the Sure Jell recipe.

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Incidentally “Root Beer” was originally called “root tea” by its inventor Charles Hires.The wood is heavy, strong and aromatic and was used in boat and bed building. The sassafras is nearly unique among trees by having different shaped leaves on the same tree: Right-hand “mittens,” left-hand “mittens” and double-thumb “mittens.’ On rare occasion, there will be a full glove leaf with five lobes. The only other “edible” tree that can claim different shaped leaves on the same tree is the Mulberry, but those leaves have teeth.In fact, my red mulberry has only oval leaves and no “mittens” at all.Hang them to dry in a cool, dark place, at least out of the sun. When dry remove leaves from the branches, and if you want, the stems from the leaves. Put in a blender in small batches and blend until a powder. Rash, nominated the tree for the national register. The road was widened and the tree stayed, thanks to Grace, and Happy.Sift the powder to get out any large pieces and store in a well-sealed container. The state, national and world champion Sassafras tree — so named in 1951 — is in Owensboro, Kentucky. Only 300 years old, it survived centuries of harvesting only to be threatened with a road widening in 1957. She met the bulldozers with a shotgun and held everyone at gunpoint until a call to the governor, A. Nowadays a governor would first take an opinion poll before acting, Grace would be locked up and on psychotropic drugs, and the tree dumped in a land fill replaced by a spindly designer picked Chinese elm sapling.

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