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However, Verto data shows that Facebook Messenger, as of May 2016, claims the highest reach of all messaging apps in the U.S., attracting over 79.3 million adult (18 ) users with a 44 percent reach across mobile devices.He led the mobile and online research arm for Arbitron acquired by Nielsen in 2011. D in mobile analytics and holds master’s degrees in social science, engineering and economics.One of the most exciting things about the rise of chatbots is their use of artificial intelligence — especially machine learning — to mass-accomplish tasks that neither an army of interns nor an army of experts could match, and to derive wisdom beyond that of the crowd by analyzing the crowd’s billions of conversations with cold math.

While the first batch of chatbots developed for Facebook Messenger received a rocky reception, more recent opinions indicate that this experience is rapidly improving and could spell a drastic change for chatbot developers in the U. Other messaging platforms and apps already support chatbots — Japan’s Line, which is reportedly on the verge of announcing one of the biggest IPOs in tech, has already integrated chatbots and chat-based interfaces.It’s entirely possible that highly successful chatbot services could be built on top of Facebook Messenger platform.But chatbot companies must also remember the cautionary tale of Zynga, whose early games heavily relied on Facebook for discovery, engagement, and distribution.This involves four different areas of AI — see our What is NLP for an intro.(We’ll be explaining much more about AI and NLP going forward.)The scope of all human intents is a lot for a bot to deal with. Gaag’s team kept it down to fewer than three dozen intents: Whenever an intent is “classified” and used in a conversation, the bot can provide an action or quick response.

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