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So if you get your Christmas shopping done and still have some vacation time to burn, you ought to get your ass down here.. All it takes this morning is Big Balls, and Overalls.. The kind that still keep me fired up about going fishing. But I re-rigged my bait and made an even longer cast back to the stump and got bit again.. But even I have been catching some good ones here lately, so you certainly have a chance to catch em as well. Those things are stacked on them brushpiles down there.

But Zapata county rarely gets enough snow to build a snowman.. But if you look close you can see that there is three to four inches of accumulation on top of this trailer.. Quality Bass Club is in town with about eight to ten fishermen, and I am sure I will get a report on what happens today this evening. And both trips we did not wear out a clicker counter, but we did manage to catch some quality fish. It was a long cast and I wrote it off to who cares anyway.. Granted, a lot of these boys fish here a lot and are excellent anglers. We were close to the Tigers and were fishing some brush piles, and once we picked up the crappie poles, it was over..

And yes I whacked em pretty decent on a spinnerbait in about four to six feet of water.. I know that you think I am crazy, (conceivably so) but I believe we had a small group of fish spawn last week on the moon and with the rising water.. After day one:1st THREE fish for 23.89 2nd THREE fish for 22.08 3rd Three fish for 20.45Big Bass was not caught by any of the top three.. I did not hear exact final weights from anybody but I believe that Ingram's top two day stringer was about 30 pounds.. I was at the boat ramp yesterday, and there were several dead fish on the bank and floating around the area. You should be able to keep three fish alive in two livewells.. And I have certainly caught or missed plenty of short fish, a bunch of which have eaten the back half of my Ol Monster.. The offshore bite is hit and miss, but better fish are still coming on big crankbaits and now and then a jig. Cause I am tired of going south every time I want to catch some fish.. Keep in mind that if you do go to the Hedieona, there are a lot of hazards to contend with.. You know that big old bridge support in the middle of the river up there? I think it is best that maybe we separate the women from the men so that this kind of stuff doesn't happen.. I'd much rather stay at home and cook and watch the kids and wash women's underwear than deal with all the bullshit that goes along with having a job.. Last Thursday I fished with a buddy in the Salado and the Hedieona, and we caught them pretty good. It is not too often that we have snow in the forecast here in Zapata.. Last week I did not get back to the computer as I was fishing my ass off.. Not this bullshit that has my nuts shrunk up to the size of a native pecan.. Anyway, three of the four days I fished, I fished the south end of the lake, mainly from the Benavides to the Salanaias.. But you do need to proceed with caution when you get past the Salado a bit.. Last weekend we had a few little tournaments in town. And leaving a struggling fish to float around the dock is inexcusable.. So keep that in mind all of you who are going to fish the API this weekend. But the fact is that the fishing is pretty decent, day to day. When the sun is out and it is past ten o'clock, these fish will be on the woods, and 90% of the time on the shady side of the trees. I fished four days out of six and the weather could not have been better.. Now that is what winter in Zapata is supposed to be.. Familiarity is everything, so if you know the turf then you can still get up there and catch some fish. But it looks like a dryer and hotter period coming our way this week. The flipping bite remains pretty decent, with the usual summer pattern of hardwoods and shade..

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