Adult trucker chat rooms

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I loved the feeling of being across his knee and being really quite helpless.He grasped my waist and I loved the sort of naughty intimacy of it and my whole body began to tingle in anticipation of what was to come.I was having the drink at the bar and ‘keeping my eye out’ for a chance to leave when “He” approached: “He” was the head of finance and at forty was older than most of us.He was lean, spare and generally rather a remote figure: I had never spoken to him. He wasn’t drunk but had reached the stage where his inhibitions were down and he would be more ‘honest’ than he intended.“Do you know what I would like to do with you?I knew that every man there, who had no woman to keep an eye on him, would want to get into my knickers.The more alcohol they consumed the more irresistible they would think they were. My hope was for a quick shuffle around the dance floor, a swift drink at the bar and then slide quietly out to my room.I was now puzzled as how to react: I could hardly do some act that I had learned my lesson when I had only the merest sting to prompt it.

They both got an unexpected relationship where they could explore their fantasies together.

“Well I don’t actually have the right to spank you however much you may deserve or need it.

I didn’t want you dissolving into tears and running off to the boss with a complaint.”I could see his fears quite clearly.

” he asked quietly.“No, I have no idea,” I lied, while thinking “…I bet it involves getting my clothes off followed by lots of creaking from the bed.”“Well Little Miss Madam,” he said calmly “I would like to put you across my knee and spank your bottom……”For one hideous moment I thought he had discovered my obsession with spanking.

Then I realised that since I never use my company computer for spanking stuff (nor ever discuss spanking with colleagues) that he could not possibly know.

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