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My cock rose a little in relief from the gaff, but remained flaccid. She got to the door, closed it and locked it, and then turned to face me. "Interesting." "So, you and Julie haven't talked about any of this at all. You look ridiculously good in it." I smiled at the compliment. "I know Julie and Lisa like this look, but what do you think? My dick appreciated the effort and quickly rose to the occasion. Now it was Deidre's turn to have her jaw drop open. "You are heavenly." Not waiting for her to demand more, I reached down and untucked myself from the gaffe, and pulled the panties down to my knees, where they dropped the rest of the way down. I could eat you up." Deidre jumped up from the bed and I backed away by the sudden movement, but she headed for the bedroom door, not to me. " "Well a couple of times she asked me if I was okay with it, but I want to make her happy so I would always tell her yes." "Okay, forget Julie, forget the Amazon, forget them all and let's talk about you. " "I miss my friends and I miss playing softball and playing in the band, so yeah." "Those are not things about being a guy, those are just things you did as a guy. "That looks too good on you, you need to leave it on. " I cocked an arm up to my ear, stuck out my breasts and spread my legs to show off everything. Rather than yanking it out, she slowly rotated it in a corkscrew method.I know it's a common saying, and people say it all the time. Cause if it isn't, I think I came close to being the first. " "Well, I gave you my number seven weeks ago and you never called. "I can't cheat on my wife." "So, who were the two Amazon chicks? "I watched you kiss the one and say you were a couple with the other? She looked me dead in the eye and stated slowly but firmly. Let me recap my situation for you to put it in perspective and maybe you will understand why I thought I was in my last few minutes on Earth. Don't deny it." "Lisa is my wife's best friend," I stated.

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" "Let me do it for you." "Umm." "Not sexual," Deidre said.

I pulled it down while looking in the mirror so both of us could see without me having to face Deidre. My milky white breasts, emphasized by my new tan, jiggled and jumped as they came out of the bra, swaying this way and that as I pulled the bra off my arms. " I thought about that for a second and couldn't think of anything I missed other than my beard, and the pleasures I got from being a woman far outweighed that. I could live without it for sure." "Being a woman has some sacrifices, that's for sure," Deidre said. She reached down, caressed my ass, and grabbed the plug.

" Rather than reply, I turned my back to her, looked into the mirror, reached back and undid the bra, and slowly pulled it off to expose myself. This corset leaves something to be desired, though. I got off the bed and walked over to her and bent over right in front of her.

I reluctantly did and she reached in and softly caressed my cheek, then slowly swept the hair back off my face.

Her voice then dropped to a whisper and what she said next sent panic through my bones and caused the hairs on the back of my neck to rise. "Hello, Chris." As a Hail Mary, I squeaked out, "Who's Chris? "If I hadn't seen the video, I never would've guessed.

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