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The New England Religious Tract Society (also known as the New England Tract Society) was organized May 23, 1814 and incorporated in June 1816.

(10) The format of the imprint seems to also have changed at this time. Bross; active in New York 1856-1860 James Brown; active in New York 1844-1858; in St.The two societies rejoined briefly in 1868, under a "harmonious agreement" which allowed the Boston ATS to operate in New York and vice versa, but re-separated in 1869.In 1878 they rejoined once more, with the American Tract Society (Boston, Mass.) again becoming the New England Branch of the New York-based American Tract Society, while maintaining its autonomy.21 "The experience of another year has very satisfactorily confirmed the unanimous judgment of the committee which led to the reconstruction of the Society's house, and the procuring of adequate machinery for doing the printing, under the direction of capable men, on the Society's premises. Also as Bannister & Marvin, 1824 and Perkins & Marvin, 1828-1833, and 1836-1841 and as Perkins, Marvin & Co., 1834-1835. Of course the earliest and most prolific engraver for the American Tract Society was Alexander Anderson.The style of the Society's printing at the present time, and especially the very neat manner in which it is now enabled to issue works illustrated with engravings, appears to have given universal satisfaction ... 17 of the annual report for 1860, states that he "was the Society's printer for twenty-two years, from its formation till 1847 when its present building was erected, since which it has done its own printing." Jane Pomeroy, who is working on a complete catalogue of the works of Alexander Anderson, argues for an even earlier date of 1846. According to Jane Pomeroy, whose work was mentioned earlier in the discussion of the date of typeface change, Anderson produced over 700 cuts for the ATS and his work continued to be used long after his personal activity with the ATS had ended.

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