Anastacia lyn newkirk dating

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She is also famous for her ability to hit high notes in her chest voice. Anastacia is an icon in Europe, Oceania, and South Africa but has not yet made as big an impact in America.

Anastacia's music, with its often deep meanings and poppy tunes, appeals to a wide range of ages.

However, her sophomore effort did beat its predecessor in her home country.

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A then-unknown Anastacia finished in second place, but impressed Lopes and the show's three judges so much that she scored herself a record deal anyway.

She became famous for her trademark glasses (often darkly tinted), but had surgery to correct her vision permanently in August 2005.

Her nickname is "the little lady with the big voice", she received this title as being only 5'2", people found it very unusual that she had such a powerful strong voice.

Soon after she released a double disc edition featuring two bonus hits, remixes for 3 of the tracks on the album and two live tracks taken from the Japan gig that was perfromed on the 13th September 2002.

Anastacia also joined Shakira, Cher and Celine Dion for VH1's Divas Live in 2002.

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