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In the evening I was temporarily free from expectations and could enjoy a moment’s respite. Sure, you’re still doing what everybody asks of you, but you stew in anger the whole time. It’s hard to have genuine, intimate conversations because you have to keep up this front that you are alright.You are jealous of and bitter toward people who look happier than you feel. You say nasty things in an effort to shock yourself into action. You deprive yourself of creative work time (the artist as sadomasochist).Our depression may not be completely disabling, but it’s real.

Some people have a high sensitivity to the inherent meaning in what we describe those who are inclined to take care of their responsibilities before anything else.“If life were a meal, you’d consider your creativity as the dessert, and always strive to eat your vegetables first.But depression has many different faces and manifestations.We have many of the symptoms of clinical depression, but we are still functioning.

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