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Now that their baby has entered the world, they haven’t revealed any details besides the baby’s gender—it’s a girl! Newsom and Samberg reportedly got together after the then-Saturday Night Live star Samberg developed a crush on Newsom and began attending her shows regularly.The two dated under the radar for years before tying the knot.Effectuant par ailleurs de la voix off, il est la voix antenne de Skyrock depuis 1997.Sa sœur, Alexandra Garijo, est également comédienne de doublage.That’s OK though—we’re just glad we get to enjoy Newsom and Samberg’s musical projects in whatever form they come in.

Il est aussi la troisième voix française de Daffy Duck depuis le décès de Patrick Guillemin.The film takes a look back to 1982, to a “dark and fictitious time in cycling history” as a group of competitors go head-to-head in the Tour de France.The “fictional, none-too-serious look” at the world-famous event will debut on HBO on Saturday, July 8 at 10 p.m. Samberg stars alongside an all-star cast that includes John Cena, Daveed Diggs, Orlando Bloom, Freddie Highmore, Jeff Goldblum, Danny Glover, Dolph Lundgren, Kevin Bacon, Mike Tyson, and the famous (and controversial) cyclist Lance Armstrong.While the low-key couple has done a great job of keeping their private life—well—private, Samberg did publicly mention his hopes to eventually become a father last year."I love babies," Samberg told reporters in January 2016.

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