Ang pagdating ni ferdinan magellan sa pilipinas

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The officer returned with a blow of his machete, at which the islanders jumped into the water, returned rapidly to their proas and started to throw spears at the ship, hurting some of the Europeans.

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Seeing that the number of canoes was increasing, Magellan ordered his crew to stop fighting, after which peace was re-established, and commerce and trade was resumed.He knew Spain was looking for a route towards the Spice Islands without crossing the Portuguese area of the world established by the Treaty of Tordesillas, Magellan presented a plan of expedition to Charles V of Spain.The expedition departed from Sanlúcar de Barrameda in Spain on 20 September 1519, with five ships: the flagship .According to Pigafetta, the travellers sighted three islands of the Marianas archipelago on 6 March 1521 (or 17 March, according to Ginés de Mafra, another chronicler of the same expedition). Navarro, the sailor who first sighted land, was rewarded with gold jewellery worth more than 100 ducats for his good eye.De Mafra mentions that the first incident between Chamorros and Europeans took place when an officer of the “for little cause” slapped one of the islanders, who then slapped him back.

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