Are jennifer williams and maxwell dating

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Photo Credit: If you follow Maxwell on Instagram, you know that there are three things the delicious singer’s followers love to ask him about: When he’s going to put out a new album, why he’s so fine, and…oh yeah, why the women that are often all over his Instagram photos aren’t black.

The singer seems to do a lot of traveling a lot of the time, and during his travels, he runs around with a lot of colorful characters, taping short videos, taking fun pictures, and cheesing it up with the ladies.

As well as Jennifer nearly trying to 'run over him', Tim has also claimed that she broke into his house and sent him 'harassing' texts.

According to Tim, Jennifer also went onto threaten him that he was 'playing with the wrong one.'Tim called things off with her in September of last year and moved on with his new girlfriend.

Maxwell’s sick with a summer cold and Jennifer wants her “boo” to get better soon.

Behind the scenes, Jennifer takes a break from all the excitement to open up to her crew about how she met Tim. I was just really trying to get my life together," Jennifer says. And he honestly was just such a ray of light." Here, Jennifer opens up about Tim and their romance.

Well, Jennifer just confirmed on Twitter that Maxwell is indeed her “boo.” Williams tweeted: Jennifer Williams ? 25 Jul 12 Reply Retweet Favorite She didn’t @ Maxwell so that we know it was real, but I went directly to Maxwell’s tweets after the laughter died down and saw this tweet from yesterday: MAXWELL ?

@_MAXWELL_ summercolds #waytoocold Qe Y_Rj Lw/ 24 Jul 12 Reply Retweet Favorite Well, there you have it.

After a less than amicable split, the Welcome To Sweetie Pie's star has claimed that his former flame took her rage out on the car by slashing his cars after tailgating him.

According to his paperwork, the reality star also revealed that while they were dating last summer, Jennifer got into his car and attempted to run him over - leaving him to dive out of the way in fear of dying.

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