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New roads were constructed from Persia and Mesopotamia under the rule of Vespasian.In the next century, the emperor Hadrian commissioned improvements to give the city a more structured harbor.When the kingdom was annexed to the Roman province of Galatia in 64–65, the fleet passed to new commanders, becoming the Classis Pontica.Trebizond gained importance under Roman rule in the 1st century for its access to roads leading over the Zigana Pass to the Armenian frontier or the upper Euphrates valley.From top to bottom and left to right: Sumela Monastery viewed from across the Altındere valley; Atatürk's House; Lake Uzungöl; Hagia Sophia of Trabzon; Atatürk Square; a general view of the city centre from Boztepe.), historically known as Trebizond (in Ancient Greek: Τραπεζοῦς Trapezous) is a city on the Black Sea coast of northeastern Turkey and the capital of Trabzon Province.Trabzon, located on the historical Silk Road, became a melting pot of religions, languages and culture for centuries and a trade gateway to Persia in the southeast and the Caucasus to the northeast.This trade provided a source of revenue to the state in the form of custom duties, or kommerkiaroi, levied on the goods sold in Trebizond.

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Caucasian and Eastern Anatolian influences are especially evident in Hagia Sophia.Like most Greek colonies, the city was a small enclave of Greek life, and not an empire unto its own, in the later European sense of the word.Early banking (money-changing) activity is suggested occurring in the city according to a silver drachma coin from Trapezus in the British Museum, London.The oldest area associated with the Laz was northeastern Anatolia, including the Iron Age monarchy of the Colchis later known as the culturally important region of T’ao-Klarjeti, where they pre-dated the Hittites.In classical antiquity the city was founded as Τραπεζοῦς (Trapezous) by Milesian traders (756 BC).

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