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Low and behold somehow Bella became pregnant and in order to save both her life and their baby’s life, Edward turned her into a vampire.

Now, officially a Cullen and a vampire, Bella will stand by Edward through thick and thin to protect her new family and new husband.

Elle commence à enchaîner des spots publicitaires tout en suivant des cours de théâtre.

Le comédien retrouve très vite son personnage dans le deuxième épisode, Twilight - Chapitre 2 : tentation, après avoir joué dans S. Ayant signé pour cette franchise, on la retrouve ... It's like she is seen with some other guy but then with Jackson once again.Maybe she's trying to kill time until they stop traveling around the world and finally date each other, It's so obvious. Who else is not jumping in their seat from sheer anticipation?

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