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On that evening the grand Rialto, which had held the intersection at the bottom of Main Street since 1939, burned to a pit full of charred rubble.Its beverage room was missed most of all and was quickly replaced by a ‘wannabe’ cantina that hammers the night air with music loud enough to make a passing stroller’s diaphragm vibrate. Jutting from the Lake’s western shore some two kilometres south of Town, Haynes Point Provincial Park offers 41 showerless camp sites.To quote from the California Poison Control System’s webpage on the animal, “swelling, pain, and bleeding at the site of the bite, sweating chills, dizziness, weakness, numbness or tingling of the mouth or tongue, changes in the heart rate and blood pressure, salivation, thirst, swollen eyelids, blurred vision, muscle spasms, unconsciousness, improper blood clotting ability” could well occur if competent medical aid is not soon found. Do not apply a tourniquet, do not ice the wound, do not stab the injection site and attempt to suck out the venom.Having stated this, the Chamber of Commerce will want me to assure U that rattlesnakes are so rarely encountered in the environs of Osoyoos that they are barely worth the mention.At the bottom of the grade, a traffic light controls the well service-stationed intersection of the Crowsnest Highway with Highway 3A/97.Under the huge Canadian flag which floats above the Husky gas station/restaurant and neighbouring chamber of commerce tourist information trailer, the Intersection extinguishes Highway 3A southbound from up-valley and sends its travelling companion, 97, on alone to cross into Washington state four kilometres south.In what feels like two seconds, cyclists scream down the 400 vertical metres from the Lookout to the Valley bottom, past the informal little landing field on the left and the Buena Vista Industrial Park opposite.Nearing Osoyoos, the glitter of chromed litter in an extensive junk yard breaks through the camouflaging trees on the right, and the signage in front of the barren Casitas del Sol gated “adult community” promises those with cash enough for the down payment the easily financed realization of their suburban dreams.

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Since March 27th, 1995, there are no hotels in Osoyoos.

Twisting its way past this viewpoint, the rift eventually peters out in dendritic fractures north beyond the Trans-Canada Highway.

Hidden from sight by the valley’s meanders, the hundred crooked kilometres of Lake Okanagan are said to seclude the serpentine Ogopogo, distant relative of Loch Ness’s famous denizen.

However, if you happen across a specimen squished on the Highway and are tempted to stop and take its tail rattle as a souvenir, remember that the peculiar physiology of the beast enables even one freshly dead to strike.) Visitors will soon forgive Osoyoos its pseudo-Spanish styling.

At the end of the 1960s, needing a gimmick to attract the vacationers who thronged to Penticton and Kelowna on Lake Okanagan, the Town’s boosters embraced the American “ Southwest” motif.

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