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Witness lovely views from many of the bedrooms and as you relax in our dining room, looking out at this pretty stretch of the Thames, it’s hard to believe that you are such a short journey away from London.

Investigators soon learned that a green Ford Expedition was involved in the shooting, and a short time later, a Muhlenberg Township police officer spotted the SUV traveling back into the city on North Fifth Street.

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Amongst other restaurants in Reading, The French Horn has been providing hospitality for two hundred years.

We ask you to be patient in these circumstances and we will keep you informed of what is happening and ensure that any disturbance is kept to a minimum.

Some examples of avoidance behaviors include: - Saying the issue isn't important enough to spend time on - Saying there isn't enough time to do the topic justice - Gunnysacking - Being overly polite - Defining any emotion as discord and calling for objectivity when discussing differences - Smoothing over discord whenever a difference arises, so differences never are discussed - Focusing on details to the exclusion of the real issues - Demanding rationality whenever emotions arise - Attacking the other person verbally - Using evasive remarks to avoid sensitive topics - Shifting the topic away from the conflict - Avoiding topics where conflict may occur - Making noncommittal statements that sound like, but are not really, agreement - Keeping conversations at an abstract level - Joking to distract from the real issues in a conflict While always choosing competition has negative repercussions for relationships, businesses and cultures, it can occasionally be the right style to choose if the other party is firmly fixed in a competitive style or there are genuinely scarce resources.

Understanding the tactics and strategies of others who use competitive styles can assist conflict managers in defusing the negative consequences of competition and working toward a mutual gains approach.

Before a contractor attends you must ensure that your bedroom surfaces and floor are free of obstacles and clutter (note: communal areas are the responsibility of all residents.) When a contractor enters your room they should leave a ‘Maintenance Calling Card,’ which will detail the operative’s name, time of attendance, defect description and an explanation of whether the defect has been resolved or if a return visit is required.

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