Australia dating habits

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’Thinking animals have feelings, and thus feeling bad for not treating them like humans‘I feel so sorry for that puppy, it looked so sad, it really wanted us to take it home.’ No, it’s a dog. It feels only hunger and the need to foul the pavement outside my house.

It does not feel sad, or rejected, or worthless or unwanted.

Guests coo over his fancy ways with a flavoured oil, but the boring rehashing, reheating and pureeing always gets left to me.

Doesn’t he ever realise that if he stood on the mat after a shower then the bathroom floor wouldn’t be permanently pockmarked with puddles?

But then these provide useful watering holes for the towels to marinate in when he doesn’t hang them back on the rail.

Sadly, he hasn’t realised that looking after children is not just parks, pools and zoos — it’s also wiping, washing and cleaning.

You can’t just pick off the best stuff, leaving us to do the grunge.

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    The cottage was quite small and for some reason, we were given the bedroom that had a walk-in wardrobe with all Sharon and Greg’s clothes in.

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    The guys you talk to will never see your face; they’ll only see your words or hear your voice.

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    Ben - I have since recovered from my earlier submissiveness and, in fact, assumed the opposite role to some extent.

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    The list was released on Thursday, December 28, and it’s packed with some of Hollywood’s biggest names.

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    They toured the family farm in Charlotte, southwest of Lansing, with apples, pumpkins, cider and all the autumn staples.