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Fearing further legal problems, the second man declined to comment on his case, which revolves around social media interactions.

On Wednesday, however, an application filed by Smith for PSIO against a third man, George Stewart, a Canberra-based consultant, was withdrawn after consideration by the court.

"There is a lot of noise in our industry, and people will go after you if you are perceived as being inauthentic or misleading," says Carr, who has not been involved in conflicts with Smith.

It's free to apply for a PSIO, which is a civil order.

Bug hunters have faced immense pressure from companies aiming to suppress their findings.

But software vendors have largely given up suing security researchers due to negative publicity and instead encouraged responsible disclosure. In a famous blog post in 2015, Oracle CSO Mary Ann Davidson warned that reverse engineering Oracle's code to look for bugs violated licensing agreements.

Ellis, the network administrator, says that he was served with a PSIO in mid-September.Her Presents to You/Comedian Loni Love/Speed Dating with Tionna Smalls/Quick & Easy Asian Dishes with Chef Hung Huynh/Rick Springfield Performs 'Jesse's Girl' (2013) ...What started as robust debates over social media among computer security professionals has turned into a drawn-out, bitter battle that has found its way into Australian courts.He's the founder of Rendition Infosec, a security consultancy based in Augusta, Georgia.He's also an instructor at the SANS Institute and a former operator with the NSA's Tailored Access Operations unit.

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