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We have developed a large number of poses and animations that require a bit of elaboration care but that will be exclusive to our game.

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This generates for the team a great source of motivation to carry out this project.

The group’s researchers were inundated with potential predators when went online with a highly lifelike, digitally-animated avatar named Sweetie.

Her chat partners thought they were talking to a Filipino minor, but in fact they were communicating with a team in a warehouse in the Dutch capital Amsterdam, who were recording everything and looking for clues to their identity.

Nous mettons également un point d’honneur sur le système et les interactions sociales, à savoir les titres, les profils dans leur personnalisation etc …

Afin de vous remercier, nous avons décidé que toutes les personnes ayant sollicitées une inscription à ALPHA/BETA en avant première bénéficieront de : Nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous excuser pour la gêne occasionnée par cette attente.

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