Bases of dating

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The base of the second bottle whose lip was shown above right is displayed here.The the lower left corner you can see evidence of the diagonal mold seam which at one time bisected the base.Slowly the corked top bottle began to disappear in favor of the screw top.Perfumes and whisky and other alcoholic beverage bottles of this period often retained their cork closures.The automatic bottle machine was much more precise in gathering an exact amount of glass and the same amount of glass for each bottle this consistency lead to more uniform products.With the uniformity, came the possibility to create a solid seal with a screw cap.All of the bottle mouths shown below were machine made.

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This was the manner in which the early Owens bottles were blown. the step out collar of the example on the left is characteristic of bottles of the late teens and 1920s.Unlike most screw caps, the three point screw top had three lugs jutting out from the lip which were to engage a metal cap.This closure can be found on Whisky and medicine bottles of the 1837-1940 period.I still have to grit my teeth if someone begins to tell me how I should be acting, thinking or feeling. But I also get how age begets pseudo-wisdom and I share with other old fogeys the desire to use my hard-earned knowledge to save someone from a particular pain or heartache I endured. Though this specific 15-year-old girl needed no advice, I thought I might share with my readers what I may have said had I been given the chance.

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