Benefits of dating a medical student

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Like any good tradition, there is a story behind every one.You can become part of these stories and traditions that make Milligan such a memorable—and fun—place!This is where much of the community life and social involvement on campus occurs.Milligan’s residence halls are designed to encourage greater independence as our students progress through their college years.

There are plenty of reasons people over 50 should consider adding a little music to their lives.

There are a variety of open hours throughout the week but dorms are closed to the opposite sex at all other times.

The Residence Hall staff maintains and promotes all areas of student development within the residence halls.

When you think of a “typical” music student, you might picture a 7-year-old girl, sitting nervously in front of a piano, her tiny fingers resting lightly on the keys.

Several decades ago, you may have even been that little girl.

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