Best dating advice i ever got

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It�s wearing a provocative dress (and keeping it on) so he can�t stop wondering about what�s underneath. Granted, it�s your party, too, so eventually you will want to taste some cake yourself.

It means saying you find him interesting without necessarily revealing the true depth of your affection. But at least in the initial stages of courtship, you should refrain from giving away the whole store.

It�s intended for smart, educated women who want to enjoy as much success and fulfillment in their love lives as they do in the rest of their lives.

Coloring, yes that skill you may have mastered as a child, is actually a very powerful form of meditation.

Have you ever asked yourself why you struggle finding healthy, loving romantic relationships?

Marla Washington's book, Dating Without A Daddy offers a unique perspective as to why some of you find yourselves in unhealthy romantic relationships. This book was previously published in hardcover as The Case for Falling in Love.

) of male readers write to me for the past six years, telling me what turns them on (and off) about women.

Which means I know how guys think and what they like (extra credit: I also happen to be a guy).

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