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However, they were ruled not to be treasure as the previous owner’s son was eventually traced.

Whilst beachcombing between Highcliffe and Barton on Sea, the fossil rich Barton Clay provides the chance to discover a cache of prehistoric marine life dating back 40 million years.

Our expert guide on how to hunt for treasure and where to find it in Britain According to recent treasure reports, Britain is enjoying a boom in treasure hunting, with more than 1,000 treasure finds recorded in 20, and Norfolk seeing the bulk of the bounty.

As a meeting point between the North Sea, The Thames Estuary and the English Channel, Kent makes an ideal location for beachcombing.

With finds ranging from coins to silverware and even Baltic amber, Kent’s coastline is loaded with far-flung treasures.

Throughout the year, extreme weather conditions and rough seas erode the soft clay, exposing countless fossils in the process.

Runswick Bay, just north of Whitby is an excellent destination for any beachcomber.

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