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News has also learned that Frankel, 46, will confirm her and Shields' relationship status in part two of the show source tells us Bethenny breaks down in tears during the episode, adding, "It's a very poignant, dramatic moment.No one was expecting it." But for now, it appears the couple is looking forward to building a more positive future.Ne Ne opened up about that time period, Gregg’s health today, Cynthia Bailey’s date with Will, and Chateau Sheree vs. In her Bravo blog post, Ne Ne wrote, “My first impressions of Will were that he was a nice gentleman, but he definitely didn’t look like the type of man Cynthia would be attracted to.” What does that last part mean? Later in the blog, Ne Ne admitted, “Dealing with Gregg’s health issue was very scary for both Gregg and me.No one wants to hear that something possibly could be going wrong with your heart!Gregg has never been hospitalized before, so my goal was to keep a strong face on for him hoping that he would pull strength from me.”Ne Ne mentioned something that she also touched upon during the episode: “He’s always felt that he would have a heart condition, because his father passed away with a heart condition.”She continued, “I believe you can speak things into existence.The tongue is very powerful but we’re happy to announce that Gregg’s health is much better today!"Bethenny says Dennis is the smartest person she ever met," the insider adds. Strong, a crisis intervention initiative for women in need of resources, support and financial aid.

The network has decided that just one show with Frankel isn't enough for them, and has decided to give her an all-new television show. Instead of spending her time getting into all kinds of drama, Frankel will be trying her hands at real estate.

star Fredrik Eklund and will follow them as they scout, buy, design, and flip multi-million dollar properties.

Besides Frankel and Eklund’s new project, Bravo also announced a New Orleans-based spin-off of where exes are given one night together to fight, gain closure, attempt to make up, and more.

And because everyone loves a crossover, she'll be teaming up with fellow Bravo star Fredrik Eklund to make it happen. The show will take fans inside their partnership as they work together to scout, buy, and design multi-million dollar properties.

The show hopes to put a spotlight on their "fun-loving" dynamic as they take big risks on properties for big rewards.

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