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His best quality though is that he has the balls to book a ticket to a random FSU city in the middle of nowhere with almost zero Russian and give it a go. There are two types of girls in Bishkek, ethnically-Russian and Kyrgyz. You can find them at the Russian-centric night clubs.It was great to hang out with Vorkuta on this trip. I highly recommend meeting up with him if you have the chance. I'm heading to Bishkek in early March and the plan is to stay for one month initially and then see after that in relation to work and the women.The people there are only nominally Muslim, very nominally.The reports that I have got from Bishkek is that the local girls are very open.

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Bishkek is the easiest Central Asian capitol to get to due to no visa being needed and an international airport being served by international airlines, and yet it still remains off the traveller's map which is awesome for those who do go.

Kiev is a bit more expensive than Bishkek, but then again I wouldn't go to Bishkek for money saving purposes as the flight from say UK to Bishkek is considerably more expensive than to Kiev, so would be false economy unless I was staying at least a couple of weeks.

Yep if the girls are quite liberal then that's good, but it's the guys i'm worried about.

I'm not so attracted to Asian looking girls, and if Russians are harder to score with than other countries than maybe not worth it for gaming purposes.

Bishkek is where it all happens and the population there (approx 1 million) are decidedly very liberal.

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