Bitter man dating

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He didn't have any money on him, or even his mobile phone.

Blessed with an adored baby girl from her marriage to second husband Tom, and enjoying every moment of her maternity leave, life seemed sweet indeed.

"The only thing which keeps me going is my love for Tom, but sometimes I even ask myself if life would be easier if I just raised the children alone, without having to face the ex-wife from hell.

"Apart from the abusive letters she has sent to my home, she has also sent letters to my boss and my parents, claiming that Tom is not the biological father of our little daughter, Amy, and that I am not a good mother.

"The personal abuse is bad enough, but there are also the grasping demands for money.

She sees Tom and me as an open chequebook, and the situation is so bad that just last week I sank on to the kitchen floor and just sobbed in desperation."A new novel, The Second Wives Club, by Jane Moore - herself a second wife - details the nightmare problems a former wife can bring to a new family.

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