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Cut to a scene of Sam enjoying what appears to be some pretty good midday sex.

Pressure from the administration gets the party cancelled, but an invite is sent out without their knowledge.

Between snippets of those phone interactions, we also meet Sam’s best friend Joelle (Ashley Baine Featherson), who is also Black.

They talk about Forever 21’s cultural appropriation, the internal conflict of still enjoying in the wake of his sexual assault scandal, and whether or not Sam is refusing to hang out with Joelle because of “dick-related plans.” A really buff classmate by the name of Reggie (Marque Richardson) approaches the friends in the residence hall at that very moment and seductively asks Sam what she’s up to.

According to our voiceover narrator, Samantha, a.k.a.

Sam, is a junior media studies major and one of the few Black students at Winchester.

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