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The fact is, conventional mass media is an old person habit.The actuarial tables say that most of what we have come to describe as mass media is headed for the dustbin of history. Even not-so-young people have unplugged from television.It turns out that liberal men are just not down with the swirl.Of course, the “white” men getting jammed up are almost all Jewish men.

I don’t think sane people fully appreciate how traumatic it was for the feminists to see everything they believe invalidated in one night.

Like most normal men, I’m enjoying the hell out of seeing the girls go crazy, accusing every liberal man in sight of being a predator.

When it comes to the media, I’m firmly in the camp that says, “burn, baby, burn.” When it comes to cretins like Al Franken and John Conyers, well, there is no torment that would be too monstrous for them.

Another angle to this is that the Prog women are directing their anger over the election to the only target available to them – their men.

We are a year into the Trumpening and it is clear to even the most deranged Hillary supporter that there will be no do-over.

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