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I have had the privilege of growing up with my dad, who is an active senior and a loving father of five children in which my mother is deceased.Unlike most families with a father in the home, my father was working most of time and we had very few days of quality time shared.I remember thinking,"I wish they would just let us stay home for once! Throughout his life he has always helped others with the small things like fixing a TV, a drain, or rewiring a house with updated electric. As adults we children still ask him to grill his famous honey barbecue chicken. I love my dad so much and I feel, like most do, that I have the best dad in the world!" But they were always faithful to exposing us to the potential movement of the Holy Spirit. There were times when most people would have given up, four children, very limited funds, and even church-people laughing as we filed out of the back of that truck. My dad is moving slower these days but still has the same quiet spirit we have loved all these years. My dad is so nice, I don't think there's a mean bone in his body.

If it weren't for him, my own child would be in a sad state of affairs.

He's a very Godly person, and has always been a wonderful influence on me. My dad gives service to the church all the time and inspires me to serve.

I love to golf with my dad and play basketball with him.

Our father took us every weekend, holiday, summer and phone calls constantly.

Not only in childhood was he there for everything we participated in, or just everyday things, you could talk to him about everything and anything. There are four siblings now (my dad remarried when we were young), and he is constantly involved in each of our lives.

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