Boot disk for updating bios

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please anybody help me with this particular issue....i have already complanied about this problem to lenovo but they were saying it's keyboard it is soo silly they don't know what they were talking!!!my keyboard is working perfectly i can able to use ENter key,and all other keys in windows operating system!!!I just bought an ASUS laptop with Windows 8 installed. I tried to click any of the usual keys during power-up: ESC, DEL, F10, F8, F2... Are you sure you press those keys in the correct interval, as soon as laptop is powered up? to open the charms menu, click the gear, click power, and then hold shift and click restart. Do I have to just restart my laptop over and over again, trying each of the keys on my keyboard, until the BIOS shows up? All I can say is you have to be quick in order to press the (F2 works for me) BIOS-entrance-key. In Startup and Recovery, they ask what's the default operating system (just windows in the list) ...Are you able to boot from the USB drive on other computers?If not, then the USB flash drive is probably not be formatted as a bootable drive.Keep in mind that most computers will also allow you to change the boot "priority" so that the bootable USB stick is preferred over the local hard drive.

If that does not work, reboot again and press the key repeatedly immediately after you turn on the power.However, this means that you have to follow the instructions for installing Ubuntu, for instance, and that could take some time when your new laptop arrives.Why not ask Acer to preinstall Linux on your laptop instead of Windows?even i tried with external keybord still i can't access BIOS!!!!So, it turns out this is really easy on most recent computers. Step five is just a matter of knowing the right key to press and when.

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