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What blanks would be left if we "took-away" die attractive comfort of Meta Glass and Dew Dormitories! We don't have time to suggest all the other "take-away" exercises that could be conjured up. Journalists Inez Robb and Harri- son Salisbury are among those who have kept the com- munity abreast of current events.Think what we'd miss if our new roads, lighting, and countless other less obvious campus improvements were gone! Some of them would be more difficult to make tangible. Literary critic David Daiches (1957), drama critics Walter Pritchard Eaton (1950) and Harold Clurman (1953), sociologist Mar- garet Meade (19), historian Arnold Toynbee (1958), economist Barbara Ward (1964), Artie explorer Sir Hubert Wilkins (1949), and UNICEF director Maurice Pate ( 1962 ) have widened the horizons of the community.

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/\ S AN historian and teacher of American History, I suppose I have been playing "take-away" for years, trying to acquaint and impress students with what this land was like before this space age, before the beatniks, before the threat and the promise of nuclear energy. Jose Limon appeared at Sweet Briar soon after her, and returned better-known in 1950, 19. For those who wish to con- tinue teaching, when the occasion presents itself at Sweet Briar, excellent and hail. In addition, she translates scholarly articles on subjects ranging from musicology to Russian literature. Stochholm has completed Garrick's Folly, a book de- scribing the first Shakespeare Jubilee Festival at Strat- ford in 1769. / \ NOTHER emeritus professor engaged in active scholarship on another campus is Dr. Beard, who "Where, oh where, are the old professors?Those were more gentle days, more simple days, less complicated by most standards, but those days, fascinat- ing as they are to study, are gone forever. Among other dancers have been Merce Cunningham, Pearl Primus, and Charles Weidman. Recently, the dedications of new buildings have been occasions for scholars to speak at the College. Guion Science Building dedication, Bentley Glass, national president of Phi Beta Kappa and a leading geneticist, opened a week-end pro- gram which included lectures by Henry Guerlac, science historian, and Helen Dodson Prince, solar astronomer. Some of the twenty-one emeri- tus professors, listed in the present College catalog and so designated for the first time this year, have preferred retirement to continued teaching. Belle Boone Beard, Professor of Sociology, Emeritus. Beard is studying centenarians under a research grant from the National Institute of Health. Lost now in the wide, wide world," caroled the seniors in a by-gone step-singing lyric.In this era of frightful crises among world powers, in this day of new and challenging social patterns, it is well that we need not "take-away" the resources, the buildings, the curricular improvements that make Sweet Briar strong in a day when a weak college would not survive. Among theologians who came to the College through the Eugene William Lyman Lectureship series were John Baillie, Canon Charles E. The Presiding Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church will be among the speakers when the Memorial Chapel is dedicated diis spring. Some have turned to scholarly pursuits frustrated by the demands of class- rooms and teaching. She is pursuing her present project, "Demonstrated Human Abilities at Upper Age Limits," at the University of Georgia, although she shares a house at Sweet Briar, "West Windows," with anotlier emeritus professor. But professors emeriti of Sweet Briar arc neither lost nor strayed. How- land, Professor of Biology, Emeritus, who lives on Wood- land Road.It is always interest- ing to note that next year's freshmen . Fortunately, our trustees' investment committee make sure in their wisdom that their arith- metic is more in the nature of the multiplication tables than "take-away," especially where our endowment, up by ,734,000 since 1950, is concerned! /"^^ LONG list of speakers has supplied a French accent to the series.A nostalgic look into Sweet Briar's less affluent, less well-equipped past reminds us, however, that even if we "took-away" these physical things, much would re- main — much that is vital, much that is uniquely Sweet Briar. Yale Professor and French critic Henri Peyre spoke at the College in 1944. Writer and translator Justin O'Brien lectured in 1957; Germaine Bree, in 1961. Wailes has been at Sweet Briar College as Visiting Lecturer in Sociology, or in Economics; as Assistant in Academic Counselling in the Office of the Dean, or as a member of the interviewing staff of the Admission Office.

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