Brody dating avril still

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“Gorgeous”, which sees Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s young daughter James utter the first word of the track, is full of the self-deprecating humour that Swift has injected into her music since her debut.

She can be fragile (“Dancing With Our Hands Tied”, or she can be bold (“only bought this dress/so you could take it off”).

Swift doesn’t need her lover to save her, as she notes on album standout “Call It What You Want”, which is, arguably, the best song she has ever made.

Its lyrics are more open and willingly vulnerable than anything she’s done before; that line on the chorus where she sings: “My baby’s fly like a jet stream/high above the whole scene/loves me like I’m brand new” hits you, hard.

Whether or not that is undone by having her friend and collaborator Ed Sheeran appear on the same track is uncertain, but his performance is surprisingly slick given how much he trades on homely, down-to-earth acoustic.

“I’ve made mistakes,” he admits after Swift’s insistence that “I don’t love the drama/It loves me” and the listener draws the immediate parallel, not of his friendship with Swift, but of how he’s arguably the only one who could understand her position in the industry.

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