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Blodgett, a political science major, was one of those students."Paul encouraged students to try out jobs in social change," Blodgett recalled.Wellstone's first two books, (1981), drew on his organizing experiences among Minnesota farmers and rural residents and the activist group he founded, the Organization for a Better Rice County.In the early 1980s, Wellstone became active with Minnesota's Democratic Farmer Labor Party, running unsuccessfully for state auditor in 1982.

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The late Senator Paul Wellstone used to say that he represented the "Democratic wing of the Democratic Party." Since Wellstone died in a plane crash 13 years ago (on October 25, 2002), other activists and politicians -- from the Occupy Wall Street, Raise the Wage, anti-Keystone pipeline, fossil fuel divestment, Moral Monday and Black Lives Matter movements to Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders -- have carried on in the Wellstone tradition. When Paul first got into politics, lots of progressives weren't enthusiastic about electoral politics.It's the rest of the people that need representation. A college professor turned politician, Wellstone's fiery speeches and dogged campaigning for progressive reform earned him the title "the conscience of the Senate." The first Senate vote he cast, in 1991, was to oppose U. He married his high school sweetheart, Sheila, with whom he had three children. Throughout his career, Wellstone never faced a hint of scandal about his political or private life.It's been 25 years since Wellstone won an historic against-all-odds victory for the U. He knew the Senate's janitors, elevator operators, and cafeteria workers by their first names.His speeches, often appearing to be delivered completely off-the-cuff, would crescendo wildly into loud, short jeremiads expressing indignation at whatever wrongs the rally was addressing.During most of Wellstone's Senate career, the Democrats were the minority party.

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