Canadian sex and lust dating updating remote server

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This was brought to my attention recently via a scintillating thread on Facebook.

Like a verbal voyeur, I read on the sidelines, and learned the following (forgive me, readers, for I have sinned: I cannot repeat those answers verbatim nor can I find them any longer, so I must paraphrase): Desire refers to our longings, wishes or yearnings for something or someone.

Even if we are technically “turned on,” genitally speaking, it doesn’t mean we are actually in the mood for sex, subjectively speaking.

“[Older women have] more intense sexual fantasies, more orgasms, more sex—and even more one-night stands,” she explains.

Increased blood flow to the genitals leads to an erection, arousal and desire for sex. It turns out that for women, being in the mood to make love is as much a matter of the mind, and effected by many things like the state of our relationships, the length of our to-do list, and how we feel about ourselves, physically and sexually speaking (a truncated list, to be sure).

What’s more, guys are more candid about being turned on. Their loins could be screaming, but that’s not what they admitted. This is one reason why some believe that the female equivalent to Viagra™ isn’t going to have much success for the majority of women with diminished female sexual arousal.

Nor is it a great revelation that women have a greater capacity for sexual pleasure or become more sexual once they age past their twenties, prime reproductive years from an evolutionarily point of view. “Older men presumably continue to lust because they are evolutionarily programmed to keep spreading their genes until they drop dead—but why would women continue to lust, beyond an interest in procreation, beyond minilaproscopy tubal ligation, beyond menopause, outside marriage—and from the male viewpoint perhaps, beyond all reason? Some have suggested that a woman’s hormonal milieu is to blame.

In her teens and twenties, a female’s estrogen levels are peaking, coinciding with her most fertile years.

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