Cbs rejects gay dating site

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Sunday, through his publicist, Mc Kinnie claimed he had withdrawn from the team due to "ongoing injuries" of his feet and left ankle. For an ex-Cane to do this in a Miami Super Bowl is a plain embarrassment. Projections are derived from PECOTA: Player Empirical Comparison and Optimization Test Algorithms.

A Miami man, in a Craigslist ad (seen at right) offers to "trade left testicle for Super Bowl tickets." That had to be a difficult decision. I can't blame the guy for making the trade offer. I'm more worried about the person Geez, why play the damned season! I don't know what the hell that is, but it hates the Marlins. They should run it back-to-back with the Tim tebow ad by anti-gay group Focus on the Family. "I'm Bigger Than Greg Oden." I particularly liked the NBA'er's response to the nude photos of him that were publicized on the Internet by an ex-girlfriend -- photos that exposed some, ah, um, largeosity south of the beltline.

These things are supposed to be big secrets, but a Random Evidence supersource tells us The Who's Super Bowl halftime performance will be a medley with parts of five songs: Baba O' Riley, Pinball Wizard, Tommy, Who Are You and Won't Get Fooled Again.

Meantime, a child-abuse group has mailed "pedophile advisory" postcards to homes around the stadium complaining that Who guitarist Pete Townshend spent five years (through 2008) on Britain's sex offenders list related to the Internet and child pornography, a search he claimed as research related to his own childhood.

The Super Bowl dominates the list of the most-watched programs in American television history, routinely drawing more than 100 million total viewers — even in the current era, where shows that attract more than 10 million are considered smash hits.

The first Clydesdale Super Bowl ad aired in 1986, calling back to a promotional gimmick that Anheuser-Busch came up with in the '30s to celebrate the end of Prohibition.

Over the past three decades, Bud’s Clydesdale ads have been at times nostalgic, ironic, comic, and sentimental. In 20, the brewer told a jokey mini story about a donkey dreaming of joining the team.

The first Baseball Prospectus team predictions for 2010 are out, and the Marlins are seen as dead last in their division, set to finish 76-86. CBS supposedly has said no-way to a Super Bowl ad that a male dating website called tried to buy. "Those were taken over a year and a half ago," he explained.

"I've grown since then." Heater Dwyane Wade is No.

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