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Implicating that he may have lured young boys to their deaths, the Perverted Justice team immediately handed this information over to law enforcement.The chatlogs were briefly removed from the website at the request of police until their investigation was finalized.Most of these chat logs are very long and incredibly graphic.Users of the site can also “vote” on who they think the biggest scumbag is, on a scale from 1-5, and they maintain a top 10 list. A man calling himself “fleet_captain_jamie_wolfe” began a private chat with a Perverted Justice volunteer going by the chat handle “sadlilgrrl,” whom he believed was only 13-years-old.The perpetrator, Michael Coffey, was determined to have been “role playing” and could not be linked to any murders within his home state of NY.Though since he was carrying out this fantasy role-play with someone whom he believed was a minor, he did receive a misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of children.

October 10th edit: Obviously I was 100% right and we have full confirmation that everyone who ever claimed Sarah’s logs were ‘hacked’ is a liar.

Or that maybe, just MAYBE, you should not send pictures of your fucking children to Sarah?

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There are many more stories like this available through their website.

The team has since evolved into the larger “Perverted Justice Foundation,” a non-profit organization that seeks to educate teens of the dangers online and runs a network of anti-pedophilia websites designed to expose pedophile activists and to denounce companies who have actively worked with known pedophiles.

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