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No one really knows where the Incas came from that historic record left in stone for archaeologists to unravel through the centuries that followed. It lasted just shy of 100 years, from ca.1438 AD, when the Inca ruler Pachacuti and his army began conquering lands surrounding the Inca heartland of Cuzco, until the coming of the Spaniards in 1532. His son, Huayna Capac, continued conquests in Ecuador to the Ancasmayo River, the present border between Ecuador and Colombia. hippl-eicky, 16/04:hi im a jew and so are you alisha, 16/04:hey all you jeys God\'s child, 14/04: Would have loved to have recreation for the Incas. BLESS yoyo, 13/04:you should definetly put a nice background or something jessy, 13/04:you should decorate more anonymous501, 12/04:what do incas eat and what kind of clothing did they wear? Cletus, 07/12: South vigo high school nyone from there??? Funness3 nobody, 16/10:i love tanner, cody carter, taylor, taylor castro, morgan, brandon,and brandon. RJames, 12/10: You need a search-I couldn't find everything, but this is a great place. Pimpjuice, 18/06:whats up people dude , 13/06:i'm dude (katie) O. mrs.dundrift, 05/06:i love to make austyn jelouse but when i do he always hits me back with the same thing but i still love him right??????? Comments: Write new one Tickle My Pickle, 20/07: Thanks for the website bro, so helpful jjjjjjjjjjjjjj, 13/05:stop talking about game consoles jjc, 03/12:any on play mine craft me, 03/12:my ps3 name is AWSOMECAMPER and my xbox360 is pizziafred1 Booky, 21/10: I wished that they could make the words a little better and added more stuff like laws and foo, etc. An improvment would be to put in a few more photos otherwise astonishing. Hey what is up awesome site it is helpful Obama, 23/05:bush knocked down the towers bobthebulider, 21/05:hey im back the dance is 2morrow yea pooface, 20/05:mm pickles bite me student, 20/05:you should probably add more about the economy. bobthebulider, 18/05:dude get a life really your telling everybody on this website this is for learning oh and make her jelsos and for get about her its not like your going to die! hey every body if your reading this you will be happy cause im on it (; Mike, 13/05: Hello everyone. I am having trouble with a girl who broke up with me and I need her back. where your from S A you H O K s a u h o k , 08/08: U guys are nigels, download msn you fags.x D sauhok , 08/08: Download Msn or somthing you Nigels. This is a page about Inca why is there a place where you can chat.. : D Cam, 09/06:who can tell me what are the diffrences form then and today. Pork and ham, 08/08: Did you know that the people who made up this site should make it a chat room . In 1438 the Inca set out from their base in Cuzco on a career of conquest that, during the next 50 years, brought under their control the area of present-day Peru, Bolivia, northern Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador. The Incans gave their empire the name, 'Land of the Four Quarters' or the Tahuantinsuyu Empire. , 25/04:thanks so much i had a project on any civaliation i wanted i picked incas it apral 25 08 and i picked incas our project is due apral 30 i need to do a deatiled map thanks for the map of the inca civalaition i'm in grade 5 ^_^ thanks ALOT! and bobo you sound like the kinda person who wolud make love to your sis. oh sorry i fell asleep Tayylorr Jo, 30/10: Awsomeness.. bob saget, 10/10:grandma weiner on my bun krissssssy, 05/10:yes, i love you too Lindsayyyyy, 05/10:ha iloveyou Krissy (= . (= sally, 03/10:i really think you should put a picture on their house. Within this area, the Inca established a totalitarian state that enabled the tribal ruler and a small minority of nobles to dominate the population. The Inca emperors were known by various titles, including "Sapa Inca," "Capac Apu," and "Intip Cori." Often, an emperor was simply referred to as The Inca. It stretched north to south some 2,500 miles along the high mountainous Andean range from Colombia to Chile and reached west to east from the dry coastal desert called Atacama to the steamy Amazonian rain forest. tomgirl5, 22/04:this is a i9fo website not a online chatroom!!!! izzzzzzzz11, 22/04: This sight helped me with my 6 page essay. budhdgffg, 22/04:ho is alisha and how is chicken nugget aisjfdosdf, 20/04: Am I the only person on this site?? webbie, 03/09:this is a good website to find info at Tammy, 03/09:u ppl r weird John Clark, 31/08: Hi Does anyone know anything about African Tribal Masks?

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