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i can happily admit i was in the latter camp, with dannii and cameron.

but we agreed to behave on the holiday for the good of the group.

i would say more about the rest of the group but they are more background noise in this.

when we arrived at the cottage we quickly discovered the sleeping arrangements were going to be interesting.

Cameron was the stereotypical bad lad, think luke perry in 90210.

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my friends and I finally got round to having our cottage holiday.

after another check i lowered my head and started to lick his cock before popping it fully into my mouth.

always paying attention to his movement while i bobbed up and down his 8″ cock swirling my tongue over it and covering it in my saliva.

during the days we would all go out on walking trips around the countryside and neighbouring villages, then at night we’d either go to the local pub and play pool, or stay in and watch 80s films, make cocktails and chat.

unfortunately old habits die hard, and things got a bit more interesting.

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