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Few questions- 1) Are you going to make a cameo at the BP Milwaukee event? I can see him struggling against better competition. Especially with this velocity bump, the fastball is even more of a weapon now to go along with his above average potential secondaries.

Nats GM (THE Nats GM Studios): CJ, great job on the reports lately, you and the BP team (besides Craig) have been crushing it. Craig will be out at games shortly and the Milwaukee event? I will have reports in on Pivetta and Difo tonight so I think you will see that soon. My impression is he's getting by on strength and polish but may not have the bat speed to survive at higher levels. CJ Wittmann: I think you are correct about him and I wonder how he will fair against better competition. CJ Wittmann: I see Reyes as a #2 starting pitcher at the highest level.

You might think you've met someone who is completely trustworthy, but you can't be positive they are who they say they are.

Because of the anonymity of the internet, it is important to learn about and familiarize yourself with it if you haven't already. Times when your children are online so you can monitor their activity.

As with any environment your children immerse themselves into, it is always a good idea to know as much as you can about it As a parent or guardian, it is also your responsibility to talk to your children about the dangers of life and also the benefits and risks of the internet. Some additional info Place computers in a 'family room' rather than a bedroom.

Use a nickname online that doesn't include your real name and isn't aimed to attract sexual attention Parents and Guardians.

Chatib is limited to people older than 18 , however given the immense volume of visitors we’re unable to verify user’s age , making it parents responsibility to ensure that children below the minimum age will not use the site.

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