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Radnor poliice police held a press conference Monday to alert parents about a dangerous website Omegle: Talk to Strangers. The child’s parents reported the incident, which remains under investigation, about a month ago.

After completing the step-by-step process, we realised that it ordered a totally different item than we'd chosen, and it took ten times as long to fix the problem.

It may well have been a one off blip, but we'll stick with the website for the moment thanks.

Unless you play squash with a T-1000 or are distant relations with GERTY, we’d imagine not many.

But that’s about to change fast thanks to Facebook’s new chatbot addiction.

Colarulo wanted to get the word out about a dangerous website: Omegle Talk to strangers!Facebook’s own Messenger helper called ‘M’ isn't here yet, but these are our pick of the bots so far.Hint: to find them just type their @ name into Messenger’s search box...The 12-year-old Radnor boy whose experience prompted the investigation told police the suspect, a New York man in his 20s, allegedly coaxed the child to send nude pictures of himself, said Colarulo.The child found out about Omegle through a friend and finally told his parents what was going on, he said.“It’s frightenly simple for these predators to use this site,” said Colarulo.

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