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This website contains artistic depictions of adult content and is not intended for children. XBxl3l Can I have no comment about Flo, but Joh was a racist, homophobic, corrupt tyrant whose toxic legacy should not be sugar-coated by a PM desperate to court right wing votes in Qld.

Amongst his sins was wanting Aboriginal Australians infected with HIV/AIDS to be left to suffer and die. I was pretty chuffed when @maevemarsden asked me to contribute to this special ABC publication, celebrating 40 years of @sydneymardigras. Jpxeo Ikyj Rotten Tomatoes have launched Rotten Apples, which lets you know whether or not a film or television show is tied to a person who has been accused of sexual misconduct: A44U One in ten Australians’ private health records have been unwittingly exposed by the Department of Health in an embarrassing blunder that includes exposing if someone is on HIV meds, whether mothers have had terminations, or if mentally unwell people are seeing psychologists Sq9T2b I just wanted to say THANK YOU to anyone who completed a lengthy survey I posted here several months ago and selected The Institute of Many for your donation.


more about Christina from Poltava I am that woman, who sincerely believes in deep and strong family values, who sees her own happiness only within the happiness of her own family and writing about family. more about Inna from Kharkov My main achievement in life is my daughter.

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