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Methods to treat this condition include doing a spinal adjustment, performing some specific exercises or undergoing spinal decompression therapy that involves stretching the spine by using a traction table or a similar motorized device to relieve back or leg pain.

Ho said if an injury is fresh, then a pain medication may be needed in the beginning.

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He tried another opioid, Vicodin, but stopped using it because it caused an allergic reaction.ACUPUNCTURE Maheu’s new treatment involves acupuncture. Initially, he had a full-body treatment, but that shifted to a visit to the VA every two or three weeks to have needles inserted into his ears.“It seems like the ones in the ears really helped me,” Maheu said.“The chiropractor wants to remove the interference to your spine.A misalignment of the spine causes an interference to the nervous system.” As an example, Ho said a herniated disc will cause interference of the nerve and this causes pain.

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