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Joe's suspicious behavior prompts Mel to assume that he is in a relationship, when in reality he has teamed up with a former co-worker in hopes of finding Mel's brother-in-law, Lewis.

Meanwhile, Mel and Lennox team up to conquer what they think is Ryder's bully, after they discover him missing his new shoes and backpack.

They later decide to give him a try being the nanny.

Joe moves into Mel's basement with a meager amount of his belongings, with his ex-wife having kept most of the good stuff.

Allusion to Joe and Mel create web episodes, titled "Joe Knows", to promote his financial advice.Mel then convinces him to stand up for himself and get back his widescreen TV.But the presence of television in the living room ruins Mel's date with a fellow politician (Philipp Karner).But what Joe hasn't told Mel is that he wasn't actually born in America, he was born in an American army hospital in Korea and that finding his legal papers is a daunting task because of him moving around as a kid.Meanwhile, Lennox and her best friend Phoebe agree to go to the school dance together as friends but rumors soon escalate that they are going as a lesbian couple.

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