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The film is beautifully produced and no doubt will be held up by many as a model of Christian scholarship.

And we do not question the good intentions of the filmmakers, but of course we believe their conclusions to be seriously flawed.

While the ubiquitous misrepresentations promulgated in this film are disturbing in their own right, their stated association with the gospel message is what is most alarming.

This film will undoubtedly make its way into church libraries, homeschooling and Christian school curriculums, and youth group movie nights, convincing Christian youth that they can safely reject “secular” notions of deep time and evolution.

The giant lakes turn out to be speculation, with no actual evidence of their proposed size.

Attention was drawn to the widespread occurrence of the Great Unconformity, but no mention was made of the two-mile thick sequence of tilted rocks And perhaps worst of all, when mentioning those sequential layers of marine fossils laid down by flood surges, they conveniently leave out the fact that in a vertical mile of catastrophically deposited sediments, there is not a single fossilized bird, mammal, dinosaur, flowering plant, or even a grain of flowering plant pollen.

This is despite the fact that young-earth creationists are a Moreover, would the truth of an earth of recent creation and violent history need to be propped up on a tangled web of misrepresentations, half-truths, and concealed data?

There is nothing new here that we haven’t attempted to correct before, but we thought our readers might appreciate some discussion of this particular packaging of young-earth arguments.Similar examples and explanations can be made about each section of the film.The strength of each argument is dependent on listeners only being exposed to young-earth resources.Our worldview is based on a belief that the Bible is true – cover to cover, from Gen. We further believe that nature, as a reflection of its Author, is orderly and logical – that we can trust the story it tells to not be designed to mislead.So now you know the lens through which we offer our critique.

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