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The chat rooms and forums were extremely active and provided a good Christian community for those looking for something more than just dating.There are a few scammers that slip in and this site takes care of them quickly. The ads on this site is not always Christian and some of the women look to be inappropriately dressed.The only thing this site does well is it's easy to use and you would be able to get a date easily.The concept is chat room is was set up like P. There is only one chat room that is used and modt of them aren't old enough to be in that room. He therefore decided to come to Kenya instead of me going there, since am not able to at the moment. Since, I have given relationship tries and it always never goes well with me. That's what keeps me going, otherwise it would be a different story. I hope that's incorrect, but what other conclusion can I come to, having had this bad experience from day one? Hello, I'm love 23 years of age single and residing here in Davao City Philippines, I'm here seeking for a serious relationship that can lend into marriage and willing to meet me here in the Philippines. Thankyou And God Blessed At first glance, I thought that maybe CDFF would be a much better alternative than most dating websites.CDFF is a great app, I have met pretty decent people there compared to other site since most people are followers of christ. After, Everything was set, I decided to go to the airport to meet him, unfortunately, I really waited at the airport day and night. If you're a Honest,serious,real and honest man I've looking for you may call my mobile number 639566316939. The kind of sites that charge an arm and a leg to do things online!However, it appears as though CDFF is just like the others.The over 40's chat room is a safe fun place to fellowship and generally share your life and walk in the Lord with others.When someone comes in that indicates they need help in some way the Lord uses people there to help them.

I wish I could give CDFF a good review, but I can't. Not sure if my profile was banned, but if it was, it better be fixed!it makes me cry a times n since I joined this group I have been encouraged by the stories. We enjoy being with someone when we have an easy time communicating or when we have a lot to talk about. Christian Dating For Free is the largest free Christian dating site.Other than that I enjoy the chat and forums and have met a couple of real people here, but no one to love...The best part of Christian dating for free is that it's free.

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