Christopher titus dating 2016

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We try to give Fetus more style than a hobbit and Titus gets yelled at by Bombshell about Playboy magazine, and what he thinks "Pretty" is.Then in the news we learn about a restaurant in China that gives discounts based on boob size. Among topics discussed are: behind the scenes stories, crazy anecdotes, and reasons why you shouldn't crash a loaner car on the last day of shooting!You can get Special Unit here: https://tv/ Fight Stupid or Stupid thinks it's right!"Titus is in the darkest place he's been in awhile, due to the country being in the darkest place it's been in a while. Fetus and Bombshell drag him out of the funk, it gets funny after Titus brings more cowbell and we figure out how to destroy Fetus' hometown winter carnival.Then a child sucks down a squeaky toy and his parents laugh.

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