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The DISA Clinic offers a range of Sexual and Reproductive Health services for women. All services are confidential and include counselling and referral services as well as physical exams and care. Map and directions to get to the DISA Clinic Clinic staff will do a full health assessment and help you decide what are the best contraceptive choices for you.You don’t need a doctor’s referral to visit the clinic, but you must make an appointment using the phone numbers below. We will also be happy to answer any of your questions. Emergency contraception is also available from the Clinic including pills or a post – coital IUD.” “Yes.” After she has gone, the exchange continues to play on Scott’s mind. “More likely, she needs it to reassure a married punter.”READ MORE: Police and health home visits to help sex workers Back in the mid-2000s, Scott became concerned about the number of women whose lives were too chaotic for them to make it to a pre-arranged appointment at the general sexual health clinic so she put pressure on NHS Lothian to set up this one.In the early days, it was aimed at drug addicts and prostitutes – anyone at raised risk of STIs and unintended pregnancies – but prostitutes quickly became its main clientele; not unsurprisingly they feel more at ease having check-ups in a place where they will not be judged.Our pastoral team integrate modern psychological thought and method with traditional religious training in an effort to address psychospiritual issues as part of the patient’s recovery journey.During the patient’s stay with us, they are allocated a pastoral counsellor who will do a spiritual assessment; Introduce/ re-introduce patient to concept of spirituality and illustrate the benefits of the spiritual fulfilment in line with their recovery.on the net and you won't have a problem finding whatever you're after as it has tons of hot various categories.

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Those addicted to heroin are moved on to a methadone programme, those with mental health problems referred on for counselling, and anyone in need of practical and/or emotional support sent to Another Way. Com has a zero tolerance policy against any illegal pornography.All links, videos and images are provided by 3rd parties.The clinic’s anniversary comes at a time when the issue of sex work is being fiercely debated.Feminists and law-makers are split into two polarised camps: those who see prostitution as a legitimate career choice and those who see it as a form of violence against women.

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